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Saturday, 25/10/2014

After a lovely summer, autumn has finally arrived.   If your horse is prone to losing condition in the winter, now is the time to start thinking about, and possibly starting, their winter feeding program.  It's hard to put weight on a horse which has lost condition so don't leave it too late to start increasing their energy intake, especially if the temperature starts to drop.   If you're struggling to choose the right feed, here's a list of our best selling conditioning feeds. 

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Friday, 21/03/2014

Winergy Equilibrium® Horse Feeds are different to your average Horse and Pony feed.  Their unique fibre and oil combinations means slow, controlled energy release for every type of horse.  Available in a range of formats from low energy, to senior, to hard working compeition horses. 

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Wednesday, 19/03/2014

At this time of year, laminitis is more prevelent due to the increased sugar content in the grass. To make it easier for your to choose the best feed and nutritional support for your horse, we've set out below a list of horse feeds that are approved by The Laminitis Trust and a range of supplements and balancers that provide nutritional support for horses prone to or recovering from Laminitis.

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Wednesday, 19/03/2014

We delighted to now be supplying NEW Canagan Large Breed for dogs. Large Dogs require a diet that is suited to their needs, and Canagan's latest offering fits the bill perfectly

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Tuesday, 18/03/2014

Use our easy simple guide to find the perfect Dodson and Horrell feed for your horse.

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Friday, 28/02/2014

Allen and Page's Smallholder range in one of most popular ranges of Chicken Feed. We summarised the range to help you find the right product for your hens.

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Compare Grain Free Dog Food

Friday, 28 December 2012  |  Admin

Grain Free Dog Food

Our customers will already know that we are passionate about high quality dog food and recently we have seen an explosion of grain free dog foods onto the market.   To help customers compare and choose the best grain free dog food we've listed our pick of the best ones available below.  

Should I feed grain free?

We believe that choosing grain free is one of the best choices you can make for your dog.  Dogs are not designed to eat a lot of grain in their diet, the result of which can be numerous complaints including itchy skin, impacted anal glands and allergies.  For more information please see our article Why Feed Grain Free?

Which Grain Free Dog Food?

Brand Products  available % Meat Content  Carbohydrate Source  Price Price / kg Cost to Feed per day*  

Puppy (Chicken)

Large Breed Puppy (Chicken)

Adult (Chicken, Chicken & Lamb)

Large Breed Adult (Chicken)

Senior (Chicken)


 Mostly vegetables 

 Small amount from potato starch

 varies by product but approx

 £48 per 12.5kg

 £3.84  99p  
Arden Grange Sensitive (White Fish & Potato)  26%  Potato  £46.30 for 12kg  £3.85  £1.01  
Barking Heads  Fusspot (Salmon & Potato)  41%  Potato and Oats  £45.99 for 12kg  £3.83  96p  

Free Range Chicken

Scottish Salmon

Country Game




 Sweet Potato, Peas and Potato

 £52.99 per 12kg

 £58.99 per 12kg

 £67.99 per 12kg







Taste of the Wild

High Prairie (Bison, Venison, Lamb, Chicken & Fish)

Pacific Steam (Salmon and Ocean Fish)



 Sweet Potato and vegetables

 Sweet Potato, Potato and Vegetables

 £49.59 per 13.6kg  £3.64  91p  
James Wellbeloved

Lamb and Veg

Ocean Fish and Veg

Turkey and Veg




 Peas and Potato

 £39.82 per 10kg



Fish 4 Dogs

Ocean Fish (Complete) Regular and Small Bite

Salmon (Complete) Regular and Small Bite

Puppies Regular and Largel Bite

 55%  Potato

 £54.00 per 12kg

 £56.00 per 12kg

 £61.00 per 12kg








Adult Salmon (Regular and Large Breed)

Puppy Salmon (Regular and Large Breed)

Adult Light Salmon

Senior Salmon

 36%  Potato

 varies by product but approx

 £53 per 12kg

 £4.41  £1.39  

*based on manufacturers feeding guidelines for a 20kg dog. 

Have you had experiences with grain free dog food that you'd like to share?  If so, we'd love to hear your opinions and reviews.  Please feel free to add your comments below